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Cat Sitting


Cats are the most captivating and independent creatures, but they like nothing more than to be in the security and comfort of their own home.


In my experience with cats, I find that they can become unhappy if they are removed from their home environment. Whilst we can sometimes rely on friends and family to visit our pets it is sometimes very difficult, that is why I offer this service so I can give your cat companionship and care while you are away.


My cat sitting service for Ponteland, Darras Hall and surrounding areas offers you and your cat the personal care that I would wish for my pets. You can be 100% reassured that your cat is happy, safe and running the house as always!


Firstly, I will come and visit you at home so I can get to know your cat and talk to you about his or her routine, requirements, likes and dislikes, any health issues, diet and treats.


We will then arrange when you would like me to visit, normally I visit in the morning and evening of each day you are away or I can visit once per day, it’s up to you.


If you would like your lights turned on/off, curtains drawn while you are away, I would be more than happy to.


I always come equipped with my ‘special’ cat bag that contains catnip, toys and a wide array of tasty treats!


When I visit, as well as giving your cat lots of one-to-one time, I will also clean the litter tray, change their food and water, provide any medications if applicable, let your cat in / out as requested and make sure his / her every need is catered for.