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Dog Walking


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Sharing your life with your dog is such a pleasure, but we often have to balance it with work commitments and hectic lifestyles. So although we adore our four legged companions they sometimes are left home alone.


Wags and Whiskers is here, whatever the weather or time of day, to collect your dog from his / her home and take them for a safe and enjoyable walk. This is an ideal way to give your dog the exercise, stimulation and attention that he / she loves, ensuring that they are happy, content and settled when you return home.


My service is unique because I walk a maximum of three dogs at a time. Small numbers means that I can give your dog the care and attention that he or she needs. We also spend minimal time travelling and maximum time out walking!


Firstly we will have an initial meet up and walk together, so we can discuss your dog’s requirements, you can ask me any questions and we can go for a one-to-one walk with your dog.


Depending on where you want your dog walked, I will either collect and walk locally or will pick your dog up in my car. He / she will then be taken securely to one of our open parks or tracks in the area for a lovely walk.


He / she will be allowed on or off the lead based on your requirements and our assessment.


I will supply treats and poo bags, and also have balls and doggy toys for them to play with or we can take their own favourite toy with us,


Your dog is towel dried after each walk if he or she gets dirty so you will not return to paw prints all over your home.


If you have any individual requirements on our return I will be more than happy to carry them out. Such as providing a meal, turning lights on/off, closing doors, providing extra drinking water, putting a fresh blanket down etc.


I will text or email you with photos as often as you choose, so you know where we have been and that your dog has had a fun outing. I am also always available during day times and evenings if you want to get in touch.